We have been building sites for activists for several years. In doing this we notices that many candidates, organizations and especially grassroots initiatives do not have websites or if they do they were static sites built in HTML. In recognizing this need we set in motion a plan to solve the problem. Campaign Apps is the result of those plans.

Campaign Apps is a service designed and built by grassroots activists like yourself to help other grassroots activists to expand their reach and become more effective by having an online presence.

The internet is full of websites today making it harder for you to be found. This is why you need more than just a website. Your campaign needs a web presence not just a website. A web presence is an integration of your website with social media, new media and online identity management.

You cannot assume that people will somehow just find its way to you through word-of-mouth, search engines or from campaign events. This rarely proves successful. You need a multidimensional approach if you hope to build a strong and responsive web presence. You do this with offline print media, direct mail, radio, along online with social media, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization.

You will also need to target traffic by utilizing a variety of research, analysis and experimentation. This is the approach used by direct marketers for decades.

You also need to keep people on your website longer. Think about this questions:

  • Are you targeting the right traffic?
  • Are your branding and message clear?
  • Are your pages too cluttered, or do you give your visitor too many choices?
  • Is your font hard to read? Try to avoid white on black in all your media, since it slows down your reader.
  • Is important content “above the fold?” Can visitors see your most important content without scrolling down?
  • Is your content up-to-date, relevant and interesting?
  • Do you use social techniques on your website to engage your visitors?
  • Can they easily volunteer for the campaign?
  • Can they easily donate to the campaign?
  • Can they easily signup for more information from the campaign?

The best way to think about SEO and Social Media is pretend Google.com is your homepage. What does that page tell people about you? Since the majority of all people don’t go beyond the first page, you must dominate this page with your message and not that of your opponent. This makes social media and SEO the two most important priorities in building a web presence.

Let Campaign Apps take your campaign to the next level. Start your campaign now. Feel free to contact us with questions or for more information.

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