You will be able to take donations for your campaign with our direct integration into Raising it Right.

Why not use PayPal? Isn’t it cheaper?

Not really.


PayPal’s basic service lets individuals shop, transfer money and have the occasional online garage sale. It’s a great, inexpensive product with some well known drawbacks to setup, payments and operation. The cost for this is 2.9% of the money involved and $0.30 per transaction. That would seem to be less.


But as an Organization, Candidate or Merchant, you’re not operating as an individual. PayPal, eBay and other online vendors clearly distinguish between selling a few items or sending money to kids at college and acting as a business.


Raising It Right should be compared to PayPal’s Website Payments Pro. For that, PayPal charges $30 a month, 2.9% of sales and $0.30 per transaction. Our cost for the same service is just $5 a month, 5.00% of sales and just $0.25 per transaction.


In addition, with PayPal, you’re just another account transferring funds. At Raising It Right we understand there’s a reason you’re raising the money you are! We promote your organization, campaign and products on the Web; drawing traffic here to find you. We put your name and cause in front of donors and buyers. PayPal doesn’t offer that service at any price!
When you look at all the factors, we’re confident you’ll find Raising It Right the best service for the best price when it comes to your fund raising needs!

What are your fees?

Your fees are included are included with your Campaign Apps website. The donation based transactions fees are as follows:


The “25″ is a $0.25 Transaction Fee on each transaction. Raise $5 or $5,000 and you have to pay a quarter.


The first “5″ is a Percentage Fee of 5% of the money you raise.


The second “5″ is a Maintenance Fee of just $5 per month.


The third “5″ is the number of checks you might receive in a month. We pay every Friday. If you have received contributions every week, in a 5 Friday month you’ll get a check every week.

I’m already raising money online. Can I still use Raising It Right?



Some of you already have a credit card processor. In addition, you may be using PayPal or a similar service to raise money. Campaigns traditionally have relationships with several fund raisers. We don’t insist on being your exclusive fundraiser (although, to be honest, we wouldn’t mind it one little bit). We’re fine with being one weapon in your fund raising arsenal.


If you’re using other options, feel free to also use Raising It Right’s traffic and promotion to make even more. Keep your other “Donate” buttons and add ours alongside them. It’s the best of both worlds.


Use Raising It Right to help you raise as much money as possible. If we’re your only option or one of several, the point is for you to make money. If you’re doing that and we can help, we’ll both be happy!

Can I just use Raising It Right to raise money at my site? Do I have to have a profile page?

If you’d rather we only help move donations from place to place, we’re fine with that. Stripped to essentials, that’s what we do. It’s the basic service all online fund raising options provide. There’s nothing special about a “DONATE” button on your site.


What makes Raising It Right unique, however, is your profile page and our marketing efforts on your behalf. While you are out organizing or campaigning or selling and using our button to raise money at your site, we are out promoting, advertising and marketing Raising It Right as the hub for Conservative giving. We have your profile tagged so that people can find you based on location, type of client and content. When visitors arrive looking for Tennessee organizations working on the issue of Immigration, for example, with a mouse click they can find it. They don’t need to know you exist before they arrive, we’ll help them find you based on common interests.


That being the case, and since it’s all part of the package you signed up for, why wouldn’t you want the profile page? It can’t hurt and it might just net you a nice supporter or three! Still, if you insist, we’ll bow to your wishes and not set up a profile page for you. We’re just committed to customer service like that …

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